Accelerate to Your Max -Rehydrate & Reenergise with Yeo’s Isotonic H-Two-O! – 3rd Aug 2009

Have you ever felt so fatigued that working at the office, at home or just about anywhere seemed like a complete chore? It’s almost like wanting to give up at the last 100 meter of the race, isn’t it? Sports enthusiasts who train endlessly under the scorching sun or those in pursuit of active lifestyles can certainly grasp the enormity of stretching to the last mile and the absolute need to reenergise so that they can do it all over again!

H-Two-OREHYDRATE & REENERGISE with Yeo’s Isotonic H-TWO-O, brought to you by Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Berhad (Yeo’s). Specially formulated to cater to the needs of active individuals who pursue a dynamic and full life, the Yeo’s Isotonic H-TWO-O is the must-have thirst quenching reenergising drink to help you give your best performance.

Through energetic pursuits, our body loses significant amounts of fluid and electrolytes vital to enhance our physical and mental performance. Nearly all the bio-chemical reactions that occur in our body cells depend on water and electrolyte balance. Therefore, it is crucial to be adequately hydrated with about 8 to 9 glasses of water per day to replace water lost through urine production, respiration and perspiration.

However, failing to rehydrate ourselves quickly may result in observable dehydration symptoms like a decrease in muscle performance, muscle cramps, headaches, dry eyes, drowsiness, loss of concentration, and irritability. Thicker blood, fast heart rate and changes in blood pressure are some other symptoms to look out for.

Yeo’s Isotonic H-TWO-O replenishes the loss of fluid and electrolytes, keeping you hydrated at tip-top condition whilst boosting your energy levels for a heightened performance. It is also high in energy, carbohydrate and sodium essential to rejuvenate and maintain the body’s requirements for an active lifestyle. Yeo’s Isotonic H-TWO-O is the drink for anyone who strive to go that extra mile.

Chilled or as is, this isotonic drink is a treat to your taste buds. Most consumers who participated in a blind fold taste testing exercise by Yeo’s at leading retail outlets recently chose the revitalizing Yeo’s Isotonic H-TWO-O over other brands with many citing its taste as the deciding factor. Try it for yourself and savor the difference!

Yeo’s Isotonic H-TWO-O is available at all leading retail outlets, hypermarkets and supermarkets in 325ml cans. With its bright and attention-grabbing colours of green, blue and yellow, you won’tmiss it at the drinks isle!

What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a can of Yeo’s Isotonic H-TWO-O from the nearest store. Break away from lethargy today and find yourself all-energised to reach forward to your intended pursuits. Yeo’s Isotonic H-TWO-O, the ultimate rehydrating and reenergising isotonic drink for the youth today! 

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