BOH and Yeo’s Add Ummph! To Teh-O-Ais a New Alliance Gives a Refreshing Spin to an Authentically Malaysian Beverage – 25th Feb 2009

26 February 2009, Kuala Lumpur – Picture this. Dining tables by the roadside of corner restaurants filled with adults engrossed in their own friendly chatter. While there are some who are simply enjoying their favourite Malaysian meal as they gleefully set their sights on the wall-mounted TV. In all that pandemonium of noise, waiters meander attentively through the crowd taking orders and serving drinks. Sounds all too familiar? Yes, this is a typical scenario at a ‘mamak’ restaurant.

Take a closer look at each table and you will notice one common beverage that is ubiquitous. As a true-blue Malaysian, you’ve guessed it right! Our local teh is still the “must-have” drink at all “mamak’ restaurants.


In keeping with this innately Malaysian tradition and much to the delight of all, BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd (BOH) and Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Berhad have launched this authentically Malaysian beverage, BOH Teh-O-Ais, in a ready-to-drink form.

BOH and Yeo’s, two of Malaysia’s most well respected brands, have joined forces to refresh Malaysian taste buds with the all new BOH Teh-O-Ais. Synonymous with the Malaysian culture, BOH Teh-O-Ais is set to become the preferred choice of beverage with friends and family anytime and anywhere!

The new BOH Teh-O-Ais was jointly launched by the Chief Executive Officer of BOH Plantations, Ms Caroline Russell and Managing Director and CEO of Yeo’s, Mr. Owen Ow in an ala-Malaysian fashion. The unique alliance in the beverage industry between two established homegrown brands was marked with the exchanging of documents between Russell and Ow to jointly manufacture, market and distribute BOH Teh-O-Ais.

“We are truly pleased to collaborate with BOH, another well established Malaysian brand, to offer a bona fide local drink that will no doubt appeal to Malaysians of all ages anywhere and anytime of the day.” said Ow. 

3“Drinking tea at the local mamak stalls or just about anywhere has indeed become a way of life for Malaysians. We are confident that the new convenient ready-to-drink BOH Teh-O-Ais will provide consumers’ with choices to suit their taste buds through its refreshing variants.”

Ow explained, “The alliance between BOH and Yeo’s is especially significant as this is the first time that both companies with strong legacies are forming a strategic alliance to manufacture, market and distribute the BOH Teh-O-Ais. We are two homegrown companies with a proud and long standing history of tradition and a wealth of experience. Yeo’s is over a hundred years old whilst BOH is 80 years old. We are not just another brand. We are a trusted mark well-known to consumers in Malaysia and throughout the world. Through great opportunity, we teamed up to bring to you BOH Teh-O-Ais, creating a new milestone for both BOH and Yeo’s and in the industry as well.”

Ow added that as a key player in the Asian Drinks, canned foods and noodles categories, Yeo’s continues to lead in these segments with significant market share in both the local and international markets. “BOH shares a similar position in the tea market backed by their strong brand heritage. With Yeo’s established presence and vast experience in the F & B industry, we will be lending our support to BOH with the manufacturing and distribution of BOH Teh-O-Ais. We are truly proud to play a part in this evolution with BOH Teh-O-Ais,” added Ow.

Russell said, “It is with great enthusiasm and pride that BOH enters into this alliance with Yeo Hiap Seng, another Malaysian brand of iconic status and a recognised leader in the ready-to-drink beverage segment. This alliance is a strategic decision by both parties to draw on the strengths and competencies of each Company to mitigate the risks of entry into a highly competitive marketplace.

“Once again, BOH is pleased to share the “Ummph!’ by offering a Malaysian favourite drink which delivers on taste, yet has the accessibility and convenience of a ready-to-drink form.

“Today’s rat-race requires us to keep up with the hectic pace of work life and a busy schedule with family and friends. This sort of lifestyle leaves us yearning for a convenient beverage to grab. BOH Teh-O-Ais will suit the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s generation who are always on-the-go,” explained Russell.

“We have ensured only the best ingredients are used so that Malaysians can enjoy a healthy beverage with all the natural goodness of tea fused with real honey. We hope our new Teh-O-Ais range never fails to deliver that “Ummph!’ when you are looking for a truly refreshing and healthy drink while on the move,” added Russell.

BOH Teh-O-Ais is made from freshly brewed homegrown tea from Cameron Highlands and fused with real honey, making it a truly refreshing drink. Served chilled, the beverage is the perfect thirst quencher for hot Malaysian days! To top it all, it is packed in vibrant orange coloured 300ml cans and 200 ml tetra brik packs to fit the fast paced lifestyle of Malaysians. Convenience, freshness and natural goodness never looked and tasted better!

Available in three mouth watering flavours, BOH Teh-O-Ais is guaranteed to make everyone crave for more. For those seeking the pure natural goodness of tea and honey, there is the Teh-O-Ais Original. If tangy drinks add zest to your day, then try the Teh-O-Ais Lemon. Teh-O-Ais Passion Fruit on the other hand is like having a juicy fruit in your mouth!

So wait no longer. For a truly Malaysian and thirst-quenching drink, head down to your nearest store and try BOH’s latest tasty treat! The BOH Teh-O-Ais range can be found at all leading hypermarkets and stores nationwide.

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