Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Award Platinum Recipient, Packet Drinks Category – 21st Apr 2009

Yeo’s considers it a great privilege to be chosen as one of the Platinum recipients of the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Award. Indeed, we are humbled by the trust and affection placed on us by customers throughout Asia as demonstrated by the number of times they have voted for us, which we have been made to understand is at least twice the amount of votes for our nearest competitor.

To be acknowledged for our Trustworthiness & Credibility, Quality, Value, Understanding of Customer Needs, Innovation and Social Responsibility is an honour that is rewarding beyond compare. The Company continuously strives to embody these virtues in all aspects of the business, whether in product development, shareholder relations or customer interactions. The award is thus an invaluable encouragement to everyone at Yeo’s and a boost to our on-going efforts to capture a larger slice of our market segment.

Without a doubt, the consumer is foremost in Yeo’s DNA. The products we produce are geared towards providing the optimal experience in taste and price. Customer feedback is also important to us; we place our fingers on the pulse of ever-evolving customer tastes and labour to reflect their preferences. For instance, in response to the increasing emphasis on health, new products are developed on the platform of ‘Better For You’, a guarantee to the consumer that our products are a perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle.

This is a part of our commitment to make ‘Yeo’s – The Natural Choice’ for Malaysians. Hence, we use only the freshest ingredients in our drinks, sauces, canned food and instant noodles. Our manufacturing process adheres to stringent food safety, quality and hygiene standards to ensure that only the best and most natural flavours are captured.

These tenets have been an integral part of Yeo’s business model since its establishment more than 100 years ago. These values have stood the test of time and remain our guiding light in all our business decisions.

In closing, we would like to thank Reader’s Digest for putting together a survey that not only acknowledges the importance of consumer choice but also provides other consumers a benchmark to guide their purchases.

Finally, we are deeply indebted to our customers, without whose support and confidence we would be just another insignificant, nameless brand on a supermarket shelf. We dedicate this award to our loyal customers in Malaysia, Singapore, North America, Europe, rest of Asia and across the globe.

A statement by Statement by Mr. Owen Ow, Managing Director & CEO of Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Berhad 

Mr Owen Ow receiving the Platinum Award from International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir while Reader’s Digest Asia’s Editor-In-Chief Jim Plouffe looks on.
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