Unpack Malaysia’s First Nutritional Instant Noodle-Cintan Nutri Noodle – 21st Apr 2009

Are you constantly tied down with your books and deadlines? Are you always wishing there were 25 hours in a day? Well you are definitely not alone in this.

cintan_nutriToday’s lifestyle is no longer how it used to be 20 years ago. Life as we know is full of deadlines and stress. Due to this many of us compromise on eating healthy. Rarely (or close to never) do we have the time to plan our meals so that the food groups we are eating are in the right proportions. Hence, we are always on the lookout for products that would complement our tight schedule.

“With 40 years of strong brand building, Cintan has grown to become more than a trademark. Today, it is a household name within the instant noodle category,”said Mr. Owen Ow, Managing Director & CEO of Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Berhad, “I believe with today’s launch we are not just creating a whole new niche within the instant noodle category but we have answered the cry of convenience bundled with nutritional value. This is in line with Yeo’s on-going Stay Healthy, Yeo’s the Natural Choice’, a campaign that is targeted to drive better for you products.”

A Bowlful of Nutrition

Although, healthy foods are thought not to be tasty, this is not the case with Cintan Nutri Noodle as it is a packet of a scrumptious meal waiting to be unpacked. Tickle your taste buds with the tantalizing Cintan Nutri Chicken Flavour (made with Wholemeal flour) or invigorate your senses with Cintan Nutri Noodle Vege Curry Flavour (made with Soy Flour), the first two variants within the category of nutrition for instant noodles.

However, having a good and healthy nutritional meal is not just about selecting the right food to eat. It is also about the preparation of the product, followed by the meal itself.

“Contrary to the typical instant noodles which are typically fried as part of the manufacturing process, Cintan Nutri Noodle is made through an innovative non-frying instant noodle making process. This nutritious instant noodle is 100% steam cooked and air dried. As a result, making it low in fat and cholesterol free,”explained Mr. Ow.

We are regularly informed that there is no single food that contains all the essential nutrients the body needs to be healthy. Instead, the key is to have a healthy mixture of food that should be eaten over a period of time in balance, moderation and variety.

Therefore for those who are particular about their diet, there is good news for you as Cintan has used this advice in the concoction of Cintan Nutri Noodle. As a dedication on providing only the best, this nutritional meal has no added MSG and one serving of Cintan Nutri Noodle contains less than 3g of fat, while being filled with at least 5 different vitamins and minerals. To further relieve you from actually planning the proportions of nutrition needed, one serving of this meal will cover at least 7.5g of proteins which can be found in one egg, 362.5mg of calcium which is equivalent to at least 8 tablespoons of milk powder and 8.9g of dietary fibre from 29 apples. Finally, it is also has the wholesome benefits of carrots and spinach. A definite healthy, scrumptious meal within minutes.

Just for You

As a meal that assures both convenience and the concept of healthy living, Cintan Nutri Noodle is definitely the answer to your fast paced lifestyle. Cintan Nutri Noodle is definitely the instant noodle you want to keep in the home, office and carry with you at all times for a fast, healthy and enjoyable meal.

Cintan Nutri Noodle Vege Curry Flavour and Cintan Nutri Chicken Flavour are both available at hypermarkets, supermarkets and selected pharmacies. Cintan Nutri Noodle is definitely here to create a revolution. 

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