Yeo’s Justea Gets Fresher with Nata de Coco & Aloe Vera! – 1st Oct 2010

Remember Justin, the lovable round-faced, iconic boy featured on every can of Yeo’s Justea that quenches thirst? Take note Justea lovers: Justin’s evolved!
Lookout for a trendier Justin on Yeo’s refreshed Justea range – Yeo’s Justea which features a more colourful, vibrant packaging with a brand new logo. Offering a variety of new age fusion green tea with choices of fruit flavours comprising aloe vera, peach, lemon and white grape, Justea tastes even better with the introduction of Nata de Coco chewy bits.

True to its tagline, Great Refreshing Taste with Real Chewy Bits, the newest addition to the favourite Justea range, Justea Green Tea Lychee Lime with Nata De Coco is set to deliciously quench the thirst of Malaysian youths everywhere! The innovative combination of chewy bits of nata de coco, known for its high dietary fiber, low fat and low cholesterol content with the natural goodness of green tea, lychee and lime; is sure to ignite a healthy and fun beverage consumption experience for all.

For those who prefer a smoother-tasting quencher, the Justea range, with no added preservatives is also available in non-bits. For those who want a thirst-quenching experience with extra "bite", lookout for the Justea range that comes to you in a combination of nata de coco and aloe vera bits available in all 300ml Justea cans.

Mr Vincent Chui, General Manager – Marketing of Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Berhad (Yeo’s) said, We feel there is a need to refresh the Justea range to best cater the beverage with our evolving young fans. Justin has certainly grown up as with our loyal followers and we wanted to acknowledge this by offering drinks that best suit their growing palates and at the same time, something they could identify with. This new refresh program augurs well with our on-going "Lead A Joyful Life", for Malaysian youths to still have access to beverages that offer benefits for a healthier living.

To mark the exciting launch of the refreshed Justea, through Justea Road Show, Malaysian youths were given the platform to showcase lively breakdancing skills to excite audiences at Dataran Pahlawan, Mahkota parade, Jonker Street and Sekolah Pey Fong at Melaka recently. Lucky mall visitors were also given the opportunity to refresh with Justea via a free sampling exercise by Yeo’s.

Justea, recipient of the Gold award by Brand Equity Magazine for its outstanding achievement in <45million value segment in 2003, comes to you in the following range:
1)In 250ml tb packs
– Justea Green Tea Peach
– Justea Green Tea Lemon
– Justea Green Tea White Grape
– Justea Ice Tea Lemon
2)In 300ml cans
– Justea Green Tea Peach (with Nata De Coco)
– Justea Green Tea Lemon (with Nata De Coco)
– Justea Green Tea LyChee Lime (with Nata De Coco)
– Justea Green Tea (with Aloe Vera)
– Justea Green Tea White Grape (with Aloe Vera)
3)In 1 litre tb packs
– Justea Green Tea Lemon
– Justea Green Tea White Grape
The Justea range is available at all leading retail outlets, hypermarkets and supermarkets.

About Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Berhad (Yeo�s)

The Yeo’s Group is involved principally in the production, marketing and sale of food and beverage products under the brand names of – Yeo’s, ‘Cintan’, ‘Justea’, ‘SoyRich’ and ‘Yogurt’. All food and beverage products are manufactured under strict hygiene standards using the freshest ingredients to maintain the natural delicious taste and flavour. Yeo’s is committed to continuous research & development to keep abreast of market trends.

With a significant market presence in the ethnic market and in line with the government’s aim to further develop the Malaysian halal brand as a global benchmark, Yeo’s leverages on Malaysia’s role as the world’s Halal manufacturing hub.

Yeo’s Malaysia is an important manufacturing centre for Yeo’s Global Distribution for Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the USA.

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